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New CD


A new CD by the Teofilović Brothers and Miroslav Tadić
The ancient traditional folk songs from Bosnia, Dalmatia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia presented in an elegant new light by these masters of Balkan music

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Teofilovic brothers and Miroslav Tadic in concert at the Kolarac Hall in Belgrade, Serbia on January 17, 2013 performing a traditional Macedonian song "Sedna baba da večera" from their CD "Vidarica"

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Koncert - Belgrade live

Winds of Dawn

Dream Keepers

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Teofilovic Twins

Teofilovic Twins, Ratko and Radisa, are, in every meaning of the word, unique performers of ancient Serbian and Balkan music. During their fifteen years of preparations - before they finally decided to break the silence and appear on European scene - they have solved the "mystery of the second voice," and found long lost harmonies of traditional singing. Their debut album "Cuvari sna" ("Dream Keepers"), released 1998 was the first one of the future series of four albums, that would complete the initial circle.

Teofilovic Twins have been making recordings for the National Radio and Television since 1994 and up to now have recorded 3 CD's. They also took part in all great spiritual and secular festivals and music gatherings in their country.

Some of their performances:

- Switzerland, Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, November 2014
- Belgrade, Kolarac, November 2014
- Jazz Fest Sarajevo, November 2014
- Slovenia, Nova Gorica, September 2014
- Germany, Stuttgart, September 2014
- Croatia, (Makarska, Krk, Kastav, Split), mini tour July-August 2014
- Viminacium, Serbia, July 2014
Austria, (Vienna, Bludenz, Pressbaum), mini tour in April 2014
- Zagreb, Croatia, concert at
Kazalište Kerempuh, Feb. 2014
- Vienna, Vienna Konzerthaus - Mozartsaal, Feb. 2014

- Dubrovnik, Croatia, concert Teofoilovići & Miroslav Tadić, July 2013
- Budva, Montenegro, concert Teofoilovići & Miroslav Tadić, July 2013
- Moscow, May 2013,
Concert of Slavic Spiritual Music, Tchaikovsky Concert Hall
- Nigeria, Abuja, February 2013
- Switzerland,
Neuchâtel and Geneva, November 2012
- Makarska, Croatia, July 2012
- Brioni, Croatia, with Miroslav Tadić, July 2012
- Zagreb, Croatia, Scena Amadeo, concert Teofoilovići & Miroslav Tadić, July 2012
- Gratz, Austria, "The Sound of Stübing" festival, June 2012
- Lausanne, Switzerland, Montbenon Casino - Concert Hall Paderewsky, June 2012
- Stans, Switzerland, FESTIVAL STANSER MUSIKTAGE, Kapuzinerkirche,  April 2012
- Budapest, Neprajzi Museum, December 2011
- Italy, June 2011 - Saronno, Chiesa di San Francesco; Monza, San Biagio
- USA, California, Valencia, California Institute of the Arts, Mar. 2011
- Klangfestival "Naturstimmen", Alt St. Johann, Switzerland, May 2010
- Budapest folk fest, Fono Budai Music Hall, May 2010
- "Alba Kultur Koeln - Klangkosmos" concert tour in Germany, April 2010
   (Hagen, Dusseldorf, Bonn, Paderborn, Hattingen, Koln, Remscheid, Gelsenkirchen,
    Brilon, Hamm, Siegen, Gutersloh, Dortmund, Wuppertal)
- Kielce, Poland, April 2010
- Linz, Festival “Mehr als Musik”, November 2009
- Temisoara, November 2009
- Canada, Teofilovici on tour, September 2009: Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto
- Budapest, August 2009, Sziget Festival Budapest
- Trieste, Italy, August 2009
- Zagreb, Croatia, in Ilirska dvorana in december 2007
- Belgrade, Guitar Art Festival, (Miroslav Tadić (USA) & Teofilović brothers), Feb. 2007
- Hungary, Kapolc festival, July 2006
- Italy 2006, Spoleto, May 2006
- Germany 2006, Passionskirche, Berlin, March 2006
- USA 2005, at the New England Conservatory Intercultural Institute in Boston, September 2005
- USA 2004, at First Parish in Cambridge, Boston, November, 2004
- USA 2004, at Franklin College in Franklin, Indiana, on November 1 2004
- USA 2004, at the Kennedy Centre, Millennium Stage in Washington, October 19 2004
- Hungary 2004, Concert in the Catholic Church in Sombathej, August 2004
- Chicago 2004, Concert at University of Chicago, May 2004
- Washington 2004 - Concert at George Washington University, May 2004
- Malta 2003 - Christmas concert, Birkirkara, December 2003
- Hungary 2003 - Franz Liszt Hall, Budapest, November 2003
- Hungary 2003 - Kaláka Folkfesztivál, Miskolc, July 2003
- Slovenia 2003 - Festival Lent, Maribor, July 2003
- Italy 2003 - Concert in Chiesa San Biago, Monza, May 2003
- Czech Republic 2002 - Concert in Brno, December 2002
- Ottawa 2002 - Concert in the Hall of Honor of Canada's Parliament, October 2002
- Sopron 2002 - August 2002, Sopron, Hungary
- Balkan Music Square - August 2002, Ohrid, Macedonia
- Russia 2002 - Gluboka Glotka Festival, Moscow, May 2002
- Canti di tradizione - August 2001, Irgoli, Sardegna, Italy
- XV International festival Theatre city Budva - August 2001 in Budva, Montenegro
- Estivoce festival - July 2001 in Pigna, Corse, France
- Praha srce naroda festival, May 2001 in Praha, Czech Republic
- Afes Festival - November 2000 in Skopje, Macedonia
- World Music Festival - September 2000 in Kecskemet, Hungary
- Etno Camp in Pusta Reka, Macedonia - August 2000
- World Performing Arts Festival - July 27 - August 2 2000, Sakai City, Osaka, Japan
- Hot Summer Festival - July 2 2000 in Sava Center, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

The music of Teofilovic Twins anticipates more than two centuries of traditional musical heritage and evokes the spirit of the entire region. Many songs have been buried deep in the collective memory of the people, many others forgotten, or in pieces. They have searched for them, found them and put them back to life, giving them back their original meanings and feelings, enriched with contemporary influences. The songs are arranged and performed with deep respect not only for yesterday, but for today and tomorrow as well.

If you wish, you too could become part of their magic. Then, you could share the secret with others: that somewhere deep in the ancient and mystic Balkan region of Europe two people sing as one, keeping a dream alive.